Keuangan Perusahaan

Instrumen Pendapatan Tetap

KARIM Consulting Indonesia provides service related to Fixed Income by assisting clients in Structuring Sharia Fixed Income Instrument (Sukuk) as a mean for corporate fund raising.

We have assisted the launch of pioneer instruments : Tbk (Sharia Advisor to Mandiri Sekuritas) 1st Islamic Mudharabah Bond, PT. Indosat Tbk in 2003 (Sharia Advisor to AAA Securities). 1st Islamic Mudharabah Medium Term Notes (MTN), PT. Pembangunan Perumahan (Persero) Tbk in 2003 (Sharia Admisor to Mandiri Sekuritas). 1st Ijarah Bond , PT. Matahari Putra Prima.

Reksa Dana

KARIM Consulting Indonesia acts as Consultant for Investment Management to develop Sharia Fund : Calyx Financial New York. Synergy Asset Management. Mandiri Investment Management

Penataan Dana

KARIM Consulting Indonesia assist client to develop innovative fund structure meet investors needs and comply to sharia.

We have assisted Meridien Ltd Meridien Define Return Fund, based on US Hospital’s Medical Receivables, the 1st Islamic Medical Receivable Based Fund.

Pengembangan Dana

KARIM Consulting Indonesia provides to investment company in selecting equity comply to Sharia criteria. We assist investment companies by providing list of Sharia equities for their portfolio.

We have assisted Fortis Investment – Fortis Pesona Amanah product, the 1st Islamic Equity Fund applying National Sharia Board-Indonesian Council of Ulama (DSN-MUI).